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Below you'll find the FAQ that apply to all of our accommodation. Please bear in mind that the specific terms & conditions for the accommodation you book will vary, as will the particular cancellation policy for each one. You can find these specific conditions listed in full on the purchase form, which you will have to confirm you have read before you finalise your booking.

    • How do I go about booking an apartment?
    • Do I get an instant confirmation of my booking?
    • How can I change my booking?
    • How can I cancel my booking and will I get a refund?
    • Can I book over the phone or by email?
    • I want to find accommodation with a particular feature – parking facilities or one that allows pets, for example. How can I narrow down my search?
    • I’m travelling with my children. How should I account for them in my booking?
    • Do you charge any booking fees or commission?
    • How do I pay for my booking?
    • Which methods of payment do you accept?
    • Can I get a receipt/invoice?
    • Are my credit card details safe when I make a booking?
    • How do I find out the apartment address?
    • Is cleaning included in the price?
    • Will my apartment have towels and sheets included?
    • What cooking equipment can I expect to find in the kitchen?
    • Do you own the apartments you rent out?
    • What is the security deposit?
    • What time can I check in and check out?
    • When and where will I get the keys?
    • Where should I leave the keys when I check out?
    • Can I visit the apartment before booking it?
    • How do we guarantee the quality of our apartments?
    • What should I do if something goes wrong during my stay?
    • Where do the accommodation reviews come from?
    • How do I know the reviews are genuine?
    • How can I leave a review after my stay?
    • Can you tell me more about your company?
    • Where are your offices located and how can I contact you?
    • GowithOh App. What is it?
    • How can I get it?
    • What do I do if I have a question or difficulty in order to access its content?
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